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Pivot Your Perspective

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Picking Yourself Up

Finding the motivation to keep plugin along when you’ve hit a bump in the road (or wall) also requires perspective. Being the best version of yourself in cultivating abundance, practicing mindfulness, and self empowerment is an ongoing awareness process.

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Find the joy and uncover the beauty that lies within YOU!


What is The Beauty Chamber?

Perspective, make the pivot.

Deciding to commence the powerful journey to becoming the best version of yourself is something to be celebrated. Taking those all-important steps towards pivoting your perspective can change the way you approach every aspect of your life: from the small and simple to the major, life-changing experiences. You’ll be amazed at how starting with simple reflections, prompts, and subtle lifestyle adjustments will bring to your future happier self.

Notice Your Thoughts

The first step to pivoting your perspective is to start by noticing your thought patterns. It may sound simple, but our ways of thinking are so deeply ingrained in our very being that we need to take things slowly to start unraveling our inner selves. How do you listen? When someone is talking, are you listening to them or are you listening to you processing their words? Personalizing others’ stories is not living abundantly, it’s living vicariously. Living our lives on autopilot or going through the paces leaves us with a lack of fulfillment, by not having any joy or motivation to learn the “why” of abundance can come from fear or self sabotage, but once we start to actively give some attention to our inner thoughts (even actions) and what they are telling us, we are taking the first step towards pivoting our perspective.

Bring love to your attention

The next time you find yourself lost in thought or reacting to some external stimuli, turn inward and bring love and attention to where your mind is leading you. Ask yourself “what am I feeling and what do I want to feel?” Once you start to cultivate and nurture this practice, you’ll notice certain repetitive patterns, not all of which will be serving you. You can then ask yourself “what’s preventing YOU from achieving what YOU want to feel instead”. This will open you up to the beautiful opportunity of being able to alter those patterns, interject those unhelpful thoughts, and start doing things differently.

Acceptance vs. Judgment

Cultivate a curious mindset, one of understanding and acceptance. A mind that is open to new thoughts and perspectives is a mind open to new possibilities and endless happiness. Once you become more open to your thoughts, you can now seek to understand them, keeping your end result in mind. Pivoting your perspective with curiosity will serve you better, you’ll be more empathetic, you’ll be more approachable, you’ll be more empowered by your mindset. Meditate on what it is that brings about certain ways of thinking, and allow yourself to be open to how this approach could bring more abundance and positivity to yourself and your relationships.

A Mindset of Abundance

Speaking of abundance, shifting your mindset from negative to a positive and fulfilling one is a demanding but necessary process to help you on your healing journey. An abundant mindset comes from a place of love and acceptance, whereas a mindset of scarcity is deep-rooted in a place of fear. Whilst it may not be an easy journey, the benefits of daily self awareness and shifting perspective becomes incredibly rewarding. Seeing life from a limitless perspective and approaching situations from a whole new angle will allow you the freedom to experience life free from the constraints of fear, judgment, and worry.

Small Steps Every Day makes for a powerful shift

Gently remind yourself that perspective pivot does not happen overnight, it is a gradual process of healing and requires consistency to bring you the results you desire. By making small positive shifts in your thought patterns and perspectives every single day, you will bring enormous power and potential to your happier future self.

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