Before we build the world we live in, we have to


Imagine your life where you're not diagnosing yourself based on what you see and where you lack but instead transform yourself by

what you actually want

From the moment we are born
the imprinting begins within our


Most people don't think.
They remember.

The constant, yet most innocent words gets deeply engrained into our being so much so we are not conditioned to recognize our own powerful instincts.

The Beauty Chamber
offers you the opportunity to

Be the creator.

Here you'll learn to enhance your communication skills with others and within your own mind. You'll recognize your own role, and see beyond the role. Finally uncovering the beauty that lies within.



Stacey Hamblett

As a hair stylist for over two decades, I have stood behind women staring and judging themselves in the mirror. As I listened to their stories and life experiences I longed to seek solutions for them. I longed for them to see the internal beauty that I saw. So I started providing perspective in the form of affirmations, suggestions, recommended resources, and more. Doing hair was a connection point for me to tap into their truth and help them see their own internal beauty. Because in all my years doing this, I know that the reflection in a mirror doesn’t define you.

For most of my life, I’ve always chosen a different path. I typically take a different perspective than the ‘norm’ and am a life-long learner and solution-seeker. The Beauty Chamber was born out of the natural progression for providing tools, information, solutions and perspective for women doing their own soul searching, and seeking soulful solutions. I want all women to recognize that the reflection in the mirror isn’t their definition. The Beauty Chamber provides collaborative resources to access self-awareness modalities, connect, and at our core – celebrate women and beauty.

Stacey's Trainings and Certifications:

  • O’Brien’s School of Cosmetology 1993
  • Urban Salon Team creator and owner since 2000
  • Women n’ Spirit 2012
  • Bennett Stellar University 2014
    • NLP
    • Certification in Life Coaching
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Dream Sculpting
    • Timeline
    • Reiki
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2015
  • Strategies Salon Business Management Coaching 2018
  • Thrive Learning Collective Master Practitioner 2020

Ready to uncover the rare
beauty that lies within YOU?